Karnataka is one of the important States in the country that has different varieties of Grapes under cultivation. Nandi Valley, Krishna Valley and Cauvery Valley are considered as the important grape growing regions in Karnataka. Grape is primarily a capital intensive crop. Hard efforts and higher investment are required to produce grapes of high/export quality. Nevertheless, the grape growers are more often found to suffer economic loss due to price fluctuations in the market. Value addition and promotion of value added products, both in the local and international markets would to certain extent ameliorate the problem.

One such important value product of grape is Wine. Karnataka State has plenty of opportunities for production of wine. The agro-climatic conditions in the State are found congenial for the production of grapes commonly used for wine making.

Wine is one product which has universal acceptance and made and consumed world over. The world per capita consumption has increased by 10 to12 percent during the last decade. The growth in consumption is steady and is expected to increase in the coming years.

Sri.Ravindra Shankara Mirje
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